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How Can My Chiropractor Help My Legal Case Regarding A Car Accident

by | Apr 4, 2016 | auto accidents

ACTAR is the acronym for the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Recinstructionists. That was a group, that’s the only group, that certifies accident recontructionists in the world, and I’ve have gone to court in the past to try to help my patients explain how their injuries occurred.

I was never really allowed to do that, so I decided to go take the same classes that all of the police officers do to become accident recinstructionists. I did that through CSU and the Rocky Mountain Institute for Transportation Safety. What I did is I was always the only non-police officer in the course, and I took all the course work, sat for the ACTAR certification examination, and passed that, and became a certified accident reconstructionist.

This allows me to talk about the bio-mechanics of what happens to you in a motor vehicle collision. It allows me to determine how fast people were going when they hit you, and this allows me to help you come to a fair and just resolution of your medical legal aspects of being in a motor vehicle collision.

Have you ever wondered if your chiropractor can help in your legal case regarding your auto accident? Call us today!

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