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What Is The Most Common Ailment You Treat After An Auto Accident?

by | May 2, 2016 | auto accidents

Here at the Denver Integrated Spine Center we primarily treat auto crashes. One of the most common things we see with auto crashes is headaches. People really associate headaches with going through the whiplash type of motion which takes you into full flexion, as well as into extension. A lot of variables are there, the height of the head restraint that you hit it and the size of the individual that’s in the crash.

Some of your symptoms that you might be having are just radiation behind the eyes up into the forehead, down into the neck and upper back. Anybody that might have any symptoms very, very important to get checked out in a timely manner. Sometimes the symptoms don’t come on for days to weeks after the crash. It’s really important to not let that progress, because at that point it can really have progressed and gotten a lot worse. It’d be much easier to treat if we had really had a chance to work ion it sooner than later.

If you’re having any of those headaches, neck pain, upper back pain from an auto accident, definitely come and see us here.

Denver Integrated Spine Center has a wealth of experience in treating auto accidents. Give us a call if you’ve just been in an auto accident.

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