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How Long Does Physical Therapy Take?

There is no singular answer to how long physical therapy takes. It varies from individual to individual based on the severity of your injuries, your medical history, and how fast you progress through your program.  However, understanding what goes into physical...

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Is Chiropractic Care Safe?

No matter what type of medical care you’re seeking, safety is always a top priority. When recovering from a car accident, sports-related injury, or...

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Does Chiropractic Care Work?

If it’s your first time walking into a Denver chiropractor’s office, it’s expected to have a lot of questions. Does chiropractic care hurt? How long...

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If you’ve experienced a car accident injury, sports injury, or any other type of personal injury, we can help. At Denver Integrated Spine Center, our experienced and highly trained chiropractors and physical therapists can respond to your specific healthcare needs to get you back faster to the life you love. In addition to a variety of physical therapy treatments, our office also specializes in chiropractic adjustments (including spinal manipulation and spinal decompression), car accident care, massage therapy, and rehabilitation and recovery to effectively treat our patients.

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  • By far the most down to earth, welcoming, knowledgeable and professionalism I've experienced in the medical industry. This was my second time in from 2 different car accidents and both times spectacul... Read More
  • For the last 3 months this place has been my home. I feel welcome and well serve each time I have step foot in this office, from the front Desk to the Dr. I felt informed and help get the care that I ... Read More
  • I was super impressed by the quality of care I received at The Denver Integrated Spine Clinic. During my first visit/evaluation here, I knew that this was going to be the first time ever that a health... Read More