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What Can Explain A Weakness In My Hand Grip After An Accident Or A Fall?

by | May 23, 2016 | auto accidents

Many times after a motor vehicle collision, or a slip and fall type of accident, people start to feel weakness or pain in their hands. Often, when someone falls or braces for impact with an outstretched hand during an accident, it is quite common for the wrist to bear the impact. Such an impact can jam their wrist, creating fractures in some of the bones within the wrist or lower arm.

These types of injuries merit an appropriate diagnosis, including X-rays if needed. If the bones are fractured, it is important to get them to an orthopedist for proper treatment. Otherwise, weak hand grip could be caused by unseen muscular injuries.

In these cases, basic chiropractic work, as well as physical therapy, may be the best option. Chiropractic work aims to induce the proper healing process within the muscles and facilitate proper motion and function of the joints.

However, there is rarely one problem involved in these types of injuries. Often they involve examination of the wrist, the elbow, the shoulder, and the neck as well. Problems in any one of these areas can cause issues in the wrist.

Many times, a weaker hand grip is generated by a nerve issue. A pinched nerve in the neck or a misaligned spine can generate problems not only in the wrist but all over the body. A proper chiropractor can diagnose these issues and properly treat them as well.


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