Kids Get Hurt in Crashes Just Like Adults

by | Jan 14, 2019 | auto accidents

Auto accidents can happen in seconds and it can cause damage to the victims instantly. Adults often after being involved in a car accident might disregard potential injuries, which is harmful for their bodies. They might shrug off back, head and/or neck pain. This type of pain could be reflective of some serious injuries. If they do not seek treatment, it could lead to long lasting injuries and pain. Adults can make a conscious decision to disregard medical help, but what about children that are also involved in accidents?

Children can get injured in crashes, just as adults do, or in some cases worse. Children are not as verbal about their potential accident injuries. They may not know how to describe it or even what to do with these injuries. Auto accident injuries vary in children, but they can include: head and brain (ex: concussions), neck (ex: whiplash or neck strain), and back injuries (ex: herniated discs, strains). It is also known that some crash injuries, especially dealing with the neck, may not appear instantly when the accident occurs. These injuries will start to appear sometime after and can worsen over time, if the injury remains untreated. That is why it is important to act when children are involved in an accident.

Children will not know to seek medical help following an accident. It is therefore extremely important for adults to take charge after the accident occurs. They need to make sure their children get medical attention for potential injuries as well as themselves.

If the children are old enough, you should educate them to seek medical care following an accident. That way if they are not immediately with you (ex: if they are with another family member or friend), they know they must go to a medical center following car accidents. This knowledge can save them from prolonged pain in their bodies, which may follow them for the rest of their life. Children knowing about potential injuries could save them from long term effects, especially if they are not with you in a car accident.

Denver Integrated Spine Center specializes in injuries caused by auto accidents. You and your children should come to see us following an accident. Our wonderful staff will make sure you and your children are medically okay following an accident. If you are not medically okay, we have efficient ways in treating both you and your children. The Doctors at our institute know the best ways of handling injuries such as whiplash and back pain. We specialize in noninvasive healing procedures and pain relief without the use of drugs.

Auto accidents happen in a moment and can cause damage to you and your children right away. The experience can be painful, but here at the Denver Integrated Spine Center we will make sure you and your children are on the road to recovery in the most natural, quick, and best ways possible for you and your children.

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