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Have I Suffered Whiplash?

Patients that have had whiplash injuries will notice the next day that they’re stiff, they’ll have pain in the neck, headaches. Typical headaches manifest themselves behind the back of the skull and radiate up over the head. They’ll have problems remembering names, where they put their keys, things like that. Those are signs of a… Read more »

How Does Whiplash Affect the Body?

What happens inside of somebody’s body when they suffer through a whiplash injury has been studied by several different researchers. Two studies I am going to talk about; one from Japan and one from the United States did video analysis of what happens to people. The one from Japan is one where they did 90… Read more »

What Happens To The Body When A Person Suffers From Whiplash?

The spine starts to elongate, becoming longer, and the researchers from the United States state that the spine actually goes three-and-a-half inches in height longer. If you’ve been in an accident and are experiencing pain from whiplash, call Denver Integrated Spine today. We’ll help speed up your recovery.

What Stretches Help with Whiplash Pain?

Just stretching the muscles will help from a whiplash injury. There is three plains of motion in the cervical spine, it’s the spine of the neck. What you want to do is you want to get to the end point of those ranges of motion and just stretch your muscles. The first one is rotation,… Read more »

Putting Whiplash Misconceptions to Rest

Whiplash and its associated disorders (WAD) is a constellation of symptoms usually, but not always, following a motor vehicle collision. There are other types of mechanisms that cause whiplash, skiing, snow-boarding and sports injuries to name a few. The most common complaints are headaches, neck pain, mid- and lower back pain, concussions and TMJ (jaw)… Read more »