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Chiropractic Care for Accident Injuries: What You Need to Know

by | Jun 13, 2023 | auto accidents, General Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, whiplash

The chances that you end up with a spinal injury after a car accident is high. Car accidents, which can happen to anyone at any time, can’t be prevented unless you stay off the road completely. However, that seems like an impossible task in a car-centric world. So, what can you do to mitigate a potential car accident-related spinal injury? In most cases, chiropractic care can be the answer.

At Denver Integrated Spine Center, car accident treatment is one of our specialties. Whether your injury is mild or severe, we have the knowledge, experience, and trained staff to deal with any car accident-related injury.

Car Accidents Are the Leading Cause of Spinal Injuries

Here’s a sobering stat: in 2019, there were over 6 million car crashes reported in the U.S. every year. Out of that number, roughly 2 million of the accidents resulted in injuries. Here’s another stat, a study conducted in 2013 found that the case of nearly half of all spinal injuries stemmed from car accidents. With one in three car accidents ending in injury and nearly half of those accidents resulting in spinal injury, the odds are not good.

The reason why spinal injuries are a common injury caused by car accidents is due to factors such as biomechanics and kinematics. It all comes down to the transfer of kinetic energy that occurs during a car accident. As a car impacts, or is impacted by, another vehicle or stationary object, the kinetic energy of the sudden stop is transferred to the passenger, who is propelled forward as a result. In the case of a side or rear impact, the passenger will be propelled to toward the impact.

Sudden movements like being jerked forward or backward at high speed can result in whiplash and other neck or spinal injuries. The neck is not designed to move at that speed, but unlike bone or organ injuries, which can also occur during a car accident, spinal injuries can be treated without invasive procedures or heavy drugs.

Why You Need to Visit the Chiropractor Immediately After a Car Accident

NOTE: If you suspect you have serious injuries such as a bone fracture, concussion, or possible organ damage, you should make your way to the nearest emergency room as fast as possible. Chiropractic care, while effective at dealing with spinal injuries, cannot mend broken bones or head trauma.

Many feel fine after being involved in a car accident because adrenaline numbs much of the pain the body may be experiencing. However, when the shock of the accident wears off, you might begin to notice discomfort in the neck or back. In some cases, you may not experience any pain related to the accident until days later. In either case, you should book an appointment with your chiropractor as soon as you start feeling any discomfort.

With minor discomfort, it’s possible for the injury to subside on its own within days or weeks. It’s a viable option if you’re too pressed for time to make an appointment, but leaving a neck or spinal injury unattended for too long can have more serious consequences. What starts out as mild pain or numbness could evolve into difficulty breathing or moving or a loss of feeling. So if the pain persists after a few days, you can’t afford not to visit a chiropractor, lest it become more serious.

Advantages of Receiving Chiropractic Care Following a Car Accident

There are several ways to deal with a spinal cord or neck injury. You could go to the emergency room, where they might put you in a neck brace, prescribe you painkillers, and send you on your way. That may work for you, especially if you’re comfortable performing neck exercises to improve mobility. The alternative is to see a chiropractor, who will deal with your car accident-related injury in a way that’s non-invasive or reliant on drugs.

Chiropractic care is a holistic treatment that is administered via various techniques. The most common technique is an adjustment, which aims to realign your spine by applying pressure to key areas that shift joints back into alignment. The cause of back pain is primarily due to the spine applying pressure on nerves, which are highly sensitive.

Spinal decompression is an advanced chiropractic technique that stretches the spine to allow herniated or bulging disks to slip back into place, relieving pressure from the spine and diminishing pain. While the procedure is mainly performed without surgery, there are instances where surgery may be necessary. For non-surgical spinal decompression therapy, you can expect treatment to be done within an hour, with treatment lasting anywhere between one to two months, depending on the severity of the injury.

Denver Chiropractic Specializes in Car Accident Treatment in Denver

At Denver Integrated Spine Center, we believe in a holistic approach to treating spinal injuries. Our office is involved in every step of the recovery process with medical and chiropractic services that can diagnose your injury and treat it, and massage and physical therapy services that help you recover faster.

As Denver’s leading chiropractic care and physical therapy clinic, we can help you get back to your old self. Schedule an appointment online today and begin your recovery journey with Denver Integrated Spine Center.

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