Have i suffered whiplash

Have I Suffered Whiplash?

by | Aug 4, 2016 | whiplash

Patients that have had whiplash injuries will notice the next day that they’re stiff, they’ll have pain in the neck, headaches. Typical headaches manifest themselves behind the back of the skull and radiate up over the head. They’ll have problems remembering names, where they put their keys, things like that. Those are signs of a concussive type of injury from a motor vehicle collision. Patients tell me that they wake up the next day and they literally feel like they’ve been run over by a truck where they just have pain and stiffness, decreased range of motion of their neck. One of the most common things that patients feel after that is fatigue and that is because, often, the head and neck is knocked out of alignment and they’re having to hold their head up in a different position for a period of time and that increases the energy that they expend and it causes overall fatigue.

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