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Who Will I See At The Center And How Will My Treatment Be Customized?

by | Apr 18, 2016 | General Chiropractic

Here at the Denver Integrated Spinal Center we have a very unique facility. Basically, what our goal is, is we want to bring different types of treatment providers together, so we can really custom-make a treatment plan for any individual. Here we specialize in treating motor vehicle collisions, as well as anybody that’s just suffered any injury. We’ve combined chiropractic, physical therapy, medical doctor, acupuncture, as well as massage therapy.

Here, the medical doctor serves as our director, oversees all the cases, and will dispense medication when appropriate. Our chiropractors really focus on really working with the structure, as well as range of motion and mobility. Our physical therapists focus on stability, exercise and strengthening. Obviously, the massage therapist works on soft tissue. Additionally to that we can work with a lot more severe types of injuries including, disc herniation’s, bulges or protrusions. We have two different types of tables that we can really focus on to really get to the root of that problem.

It’s a lot more advanced, per se, then just a general chiropractic or physical therapists office. Basically, what it’s going to do is we are going to go in, target the specific disc that we need to work with and really start to get it to function better. Thus, reducing the pain down. All this comes together, and we wanted to create the facility to make it very easy for anybody that’s been in a crash. If anybody’s been in a crash, you know how difficult it can become and very quickly. If you want everything to be here in one place, just to really help you back to your normal, daily activities without near as much pain.

If you’re looking for a treatment plan that will be customized to your needs, call Denver Integrated Spine Center today.


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