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What Preventative Measures Can I Take So I Do Not Develop Sciatic Pain?

by | Apr 25, 2016 | ergonomics, General Chiropractic

Here at the Denver Integrated Spine Center we see sciatic pain quite often. Basically what we would generalize the symptomology being: numbness, tingling, burning, sharp shooting pains down into the glute, leg or all the way down to the toes or feet.

Basically what we would do here is we would put you on our flexion distraction table, do manual adjusting, or go on to the actual decompression table. It’s really dependent on, we want to determine if the sciatic pain is true sciatic pain, and what’s causing it.

If we would need to take X-rays or get an MRI to really locate and focus on a specific area, we’ll do so. Main thing is, we want to really determine what’s causing that pain. In some instances it can be a disc herniation or protrusion. We’d really want to focus on reducing that down, to reduce the symptoms that are actually occurring for any individual.

Sometimes the symptoms can vary from very severe to not very intense, for different people. Different thing scan trigger it, from simply lifting something off the floor the wrong way, picking up your kid, or just repetitive motions at work.

We would want to focus and find exactly what that was, eliminate it, or minimize it to the best we could, or show individuals the proper way to do certain motions to really prohibit, or prevent that from happening in the future.

If you’re already experiencing sciatic pain, it might be best to see a professional. Give Denver Integrated Spine today to help relieve some of your pain.


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