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Pain Triggered Weeks After an Auto Accident

by | Mar 31, 2016 | auto accidents

Having pain come on days later or weeks later is not only common, it is the norm. It happens more often than not. People who have been in a motor vehicle collision will have a lot of adrenaline running through their body, so they don’t feel it until they actually get home and start to relax a little bit. The inflammatory process starts in, starts to inflame muscles, joints, ligaments, and those will cause pain over the next few days.

What also happens in motor vehicle collisions is that the spine is actually knocked out of alignment, and they get what we call forward head posture or ventral head posture where the spine is actually out of alignment. That leads to problems later on in life, much later on in life unless it’s corrected.

Also, disc issues are not only manifested right away with a tear in the disc, but it represents a weakened area of that disc. Sometimes that will propagate, so you can get symptoms like 6 months later that are associated with the motor vehicle collision.

Pain symptoms from a car accident may not arise immediately. Call Denver Integrated Spine today!

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