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Why Do I Get Neck Pains And Strains When Sitting At My Desk At Work?

by | Apr 11, 2016 | General Chiropractic

Neck pain is one of the things we see the most here at the Denver Integrated Spine Center. One of the most common reasons is just people’s general posture throughout their normal daily activities, especially sitting at their desk and at their computer.

When people sit at their desk and computer, they have a slump forward with the shoulders, neck becomes very far forward and people sit in this position for a sustained period of time. What we suggest throughout normal day, is taking numerous breaks. They don’t have to be long breaks, but reset the posture all the way back, do simple stretched – neck left, right, forward, back, up and down – and things like that really just to try to facilitate the proper motion again and reset the posture.

Some of the symptoms people could have, when they come into our office here when we sit down with them and talk to them, it can be just general neck pain as a whole. It can be just general tightness, especially from the back of the head back here all the way through the shoulders.

Super, super common, but the main thing is that we don’t let it progress because if it will start to progress, you can start to get headaches that would radiate up into the forehead, behind the eyes, just general tension headaches overall, or they can get a little bit more severe, you know, get numbness, tingling, pains going down into the arms. Those are things that we treat here at the center and if you have any of those symptoms, just come see us.

If you’re worried if your neck pain is normal or not, consult a chiropractor, and give Denver Integrated Spine Center a call today.

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