common questions about lower back pain

Frequently Asked Questions About Lower Back Pain

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We see many patients at Denver Integrated Spine Center to resolve lower back pain and discomfort. The issues causing lower back pain are common, which may surprise you.

To help inform you and support your injury recovery we have crafted this list of FAQs about lower back pain.

We frequently receive these questions from our patients:

What causes lower back pain?

A common cause of lower back pain is the injury to a muscle (strain) or a ligament (sprain) in your lower back. A variety of things can cause this. Some examples include: improper lifting posture, prolonged poor posture while sitting, and chronic overuse and fatigue. Lack of exercise can also cause lower back pain, which might surprise some people. 

Pain caused by sprain or strain resolves within two to four weeks with rest, and proper treatment from a physical therapist and/or chiropractor.

However, more serious causes do arise and should be examined by a chiropractor. These causes include bone fracture, and injury to a disc in the spinal column.

What can I do to prevent my lower back pain from getting worse?

Check in with yourself when you first feel pain in your lower back. Be mindful of what you were doing when it first occurred. This will be helpful when you visit your chiropractor.

At the Denver Integrated Spine Center we want you to get the most out of your recovery, that is why we recommend that you visit us as soon as you feel discomfort, particularly in your lower back. 

Oftentimes, if you begin treatment early on a strain or sprain in your lower back, it helps to significantly reduce your recovery time. 

This is also true for more serious issues such as a ruptured disc; the sooner we can begin treatment the better.

Could stress be a contributing factor to my lower back pain?

Everyone responds to stress differently. We recommend that you seek a professional opinion whenever you experience lower back pain. 

Stress is hard on the body in many ways, therefore we can’t conclusively say that stress is the sole cause of your back pain. There is more significant evidence correlated to stress causing fatigue. We also understand fatigue can increase susceptibility to injury.

I was in a car accident and I think I hurt my lower back, what do I do?

If you have been in a car accident and it is an emergency, please visit your nearest emergency room or hospital. 

If you experience pain from a car accident, make an appointment today to visit with our car accident specialist team.

Our care team includes a highly experienced medical team*, physical therapist, chiropractor and massage therapist. All our providers specialize in car accident care recovery. Whether you visit Denver Integrated Spine Center or another option, be mindful that you are being treated by providers who specialize in car accident injury recovery. 

What are my treatment options for my lower back pain?

If you have a particular treatment in mind, please check out this list for more information. 

No two injuries are equal therefore we provide each individual patient our full attention to evaluate and understand their injury. Then, we craft a unique and specialized recovery plan.

We encourage you to visit our new patient page today to schedule an initial visit. Don’t waste any time being in pain, we have a care team waiting to help you return to living life to the fullest!



*Our medical team is strictly available to serve car accident care patients only and Denver Integrated Spine Center is not an emergency facility. Also, we reserve the right to refer out to specialists when it is necessary for the health and care of the patient.

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