When an auto accident requires injury chiropractic treatment

When an auto accident requires injury chiropractic treatment

by | Jan 22, 2019 | General Chiropractic

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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), speeding is involved in approximately one third of all motor vehicle fatalities.  In Denver, speeding is an ever-increasing problem due to a dangerous combination of unpredictable weather, terrible traffic and aggressive drivers.

Injuries caused by speeding

Not only does speeding cause a high percentage of fatalities, but it also results in an increased degree of crash severity leading to severe injuries, including:

  • Neck injuries: such as whiplash, neck strain, and disc damage
  • Back injuries: from vertebrae fractures and herniated discs, to strains and sprains

Why choose Denver Integrated Spine Center for auto accident and injury chiropractic treatment?

At Denver Integrated Spine Center, our auto accident chiropractors are specialists who are fully prepared and equipped to offer you pain relief without drugs, through natural healing.  Just some of the benefits and advantages we offer:

  • Experience.  Our integrated team of auto accident chiropractors has vast experience treating patients involved in car accidents.  In addition, we have an experienced, on-staff doctor who will help manage your case, creating the optimum treatment and physical therapy plan for your unique needs.
  • Excellence.  Our skilled rehabilitation team employs a wide range of therapies to give you the best results possible.  We know the ideal ways to manage common accident injuries – including whiplash and back pain – without more invasive methods of treatment.
  • Expertise.  Our treatments are based on proven diagnostic techniques and cutting-edge modalities to provide effective relief of symptoms.  Our methods of treatment include dry-needling, rehabilitation, injections, decompression and chiropractic care.  In many cases, our comprehensive treatment will eliminate the need for surgeries. Dr. Schnider is also the only physician Colorado that is also a certified Accident Reconstructionist.
  • Convenience.  We’ll begin treating your injuries even before all of the insurance paperwork is handled, so you’re heading towards recovery as soon as possible – without having to worry about upfront payment!  We’ll also work directly with your insurance adjuster or your attorney to process your claims.  Our mission is to allow you to focus on healing, without the worry of out-of-pocket payments until your case is settled.

Don’t delay:  Contact Denver Integrated Spine Center today!

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident that has caused neck or back injuries, don’t delay: Contact Denver Integrated Spine Center for the most effective and proven injury chiropractic treatment. Because when it comes to healing, our skilled team stands a Mile High above the rest! Call us at (303) 758-9000 today!

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