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How can physical therapy help with Post-surgical rehab?

  Physical therapy is designed to help you restore your normal levels of activity, motion and quality of life. After surgery, you can benefit from physical therapy and post-surgical rehab.  Our reputable therapist can help you learn exercises and stretches and will...

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  • Dr. Michael and Gisela are great. They truly care about their patients, and it really shows when you are there. In addition, they are very well organized, and you never have to wait longer than a few... Read More
  • I come from Colorado Springs to come here! The staff is by far the nicest group of people I've ever met. They really know how to make you a functional human being again. I started going because of a c... Read More
  • This is truly the best chiropractic office I’ve ever been to. The staff is welcoming, knowledgeable and values 100% customer service while celebrating all walks of life. Thank you for helping us fee... Read More