Whiplash Treatment

What is Whiplash?

Car CrashThe terms “whiplash” and “whiplash associated disorders” are almost synonymous with car accidents and used to describe a wide range of neck injuries. Drivers and passengers most commonly experience whiplash injuries on the neck and back after a rear-end collision. The jerky motion of a rear-end accident can cause a person to hyperextend his or her neck, resulting in this type of injury. Despite the common belief that whiplash is always caused by car accidents, you can experience it after a fall, horseback riding or bicycle accident, or any other traumatic event in which the upper spine or neck’s integrity is compromised.

Recognized as the leading whiplash chiropractic center in Denver, the Denver Integrated Spine Center has over 25 years of experience in the treatment of whiplash neck injuries. The center’s dedicated team treats a wide array of typical injuries that come from low and high speed impacts, including trauma to the spine, ligamentous and muscle damage, compromised nerves, and back injuries such as disc ruptures, bulges and hernias. We offer a host of therapies under one roof for your convenience, including therapeutic massage, acupuncture and chiropractic treatment, and will work with you to determine the root cause of your symptoms.


The most common injury seen in auto accidents in the Denver metro area is whiplash. Symptoms vary by person and the injury’s severity, but may include any of the following:

  • Trouble thinking clearly and remembering
  • “Pins and needles” sensation in legs and arms
  • Headaches of varying degrees
  • Fatigue or weakness
  • Ache and pain in the neck
  • Pain in shoulder and back
  • Leg, arm or jaw pain
  • Changes in hearing and vision
  • Aches, numbness, or dizziness
  • Swelling and irritability
  • Loss of memory, nausea, bruising and chronic pain
  • Inability to sleep, cramping and nerve pain
  • “Tingling,” loss of limb sensation

With whiplash, you may feel pain instantly or it will come on hours or days later. You might not see any visible signs of damage, such as cuts, bleeding or bruising. Since whiplash can seem like a “minor” injury, it’s common for people to wait before seeking medical attention from a whiplash rehab center.

Unfortunately, a treatment delay can lead to bigger issues down the road. Untreated whiplash can lead to lifelong neck and body pain, and even permanent conditions such as arthritis. It’s not unusual for a person in their 40s or 50s to experience lingering effects from untreated whiplash that related to an accident back when they were in their 20s or 30s. Prompt treatment when the accident happened could have prevented or reduced years of suffering and pain.

Seek professional help as soon as possible to help prevent complications from a whiplash injury. Short-term treatment may be all that is necessary for a prompt recovery and to avoid complications years in the future. At the Denver Integrated Spine Center, our professional Denver whiplash chiropractors have years of experience at their disposal to accurately diagnose and care for your specific injury. We will craft a treatment plan that is tailored to your injury for the best possible results in your case and will help you get back to your life with less pain and less stress.

We understand you may be experiencing stress, discomfort and difficulty because of your injury, especially if it’s interfering with your everyday life and your job. No one should suffer a decline in quality of life because of treatable pain. Let us help you recover so you can begin to heal. Don’t put up with pain when you don’t have to, and schedule a free consultation with a Denver whiplash injury expert today by contacting us at (303) 758-9000.