Auto Accident and Injury Chiropractic Treatment: What to Expect

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Traffic-Accident Chiropractic TreatmentAutomotive accidents can cause a great deal of damage to your body in just seconds. Even if both vehicles involved are moving at a low speed, the massive amount of force transferred in the accident can do incredible harm to the bodies contained inside.

Injuries from an auto accident vary but can include:

  • Head and brain: Head and brain injuries from impact range from a mild concussion to long-lasting traumatic brain A brain injury may occur even without any signs of trauma visible, from the brain being jostled inside the skull due to the force of impact.
  • Neck: An injury to the neck may not show up right away after an accident. These types of injuries range from mild, such as whiplash and neck strain, to more severe, including damage to the discs. Whiplash is very commonly associated with car accidents.
  • Back: Back injuries most often occur in the lower section. These injuries include vertebrae fractures, herniated discs, strains and sprains. As with neck damage, injuries to the back may not be apparent immediately.

The auto accident chiropractors in Denver, from the Denver Integrated Spine Center, can help you if you’ve been injured in an auto accident. Our dedicated staff is fully prepared and equipped to assist with your body’s structural problems in the most efficient ways possible, with potential pain relief without drugs, through natural healing.

Our Denver auto accident injury chiropractors have vast and extensive experience with treating patients involved in car accidents. We know the ideal ways to manage common accident injuries, such as whiplash and back pain, without using medication and more invasive methods of treatment.

We Specialize in Slip and Falls, Complex Biomechanical Cases and Car Accidents

The integrated team of car accident chiropractors in Denver is here to help you. Our on-staff doctor will manage your case personally, creating the optimum treatment plan for your case. The experienced rehabilitation team is ready to use various types of therapies to give you the best results possible in your case. Our approach is aimed at saving you energy and time while giving you the best services available for your injury and personal case.

A common misbelief about auto accidents is that you’ll recognize injuries almost immediately. But many different injuries may take some time to show up. This leads people to “shrug off” potential symptoms, believing they will ease or go away with time. But these injuries, such as spine trauma, will actually worsen if not treated promptly, leading to other problems. A health insurer may also refuse to cover a condition if medical attention isn’t sought as soon as possible, labeling the symptoms as pre-existing.

The Denver Integrated Spine Center can help you along the painful and sometimes confusing road to recovery after you’ve been injured in a car accident. A car crash chiropractor in Denver may be just what you need to start your healing journey, so don’t wait for your symptoms to become even worse. Doing so will add to both your pain and your total recovery time.

Speak to Denver car accident injury chiropractors today to receive the care you deserve. Schedule a free consultation by contacting us at (303) 758-9000.

Auto Accident Coverage

The Denver Integrated Spine Center will begin treating your injuries before all of the insurance paperwork is handled so you’re heading toward recovery as quickly as possible, without having to worry about paying upfront. We work directly with the adjuster or your attorney to process your claims and allow you to focus on healing. You won’t have to worry about out of pocket payment until your case has been settled.

If you’re involved in an auto accident:

  • Stop. Under Colorado state law, anyone involved in an accident must immediately stop their
  • Call the police. You’re required under state law to contact the local police department and file a report.
  • Watch what you say. You must give your name, address and registration out, but stay silent on factors related to the accident, such as whose fault it is or the cause.
  • Get the facts. Get as much information as you can about the accident. If you’re able, take pictures of the accident scene, the property and car damage, and any injuries. Ask someone else to take the photos for you if you can’t.

Receive medical attention. Seek any necessary emergency care, and contact the Denver Integrated Spine Center as soon as possible.