Muscle Dysfunction – Trigger Points

Muscle Dysfunction and Trigger Points points are areas within muscular tissue where toxins accumulate

When joint and dysfunction develops, muscles concurrently become affected as well. Some muscles respond by becoming tense and overactive, while others respond by becoming inhibited and underactive. In either case, these muscles can develop trigger points.

Trigger points are areas within muscular tissue where toxins accumulate. These toxins irritate the local nerve endings within the muscle and produce pain. The resulting muscle imbalance can place increased stress on the joints, aggravating the joint dysfunction that already exists.

The muscle can also send abnormal neurological signals into the nervous system. This can then cause disruption of the ability of the nervous system to properly regulate muscles in other parts of the body, leading to the development of faulty movement patterns.

Conservative treatment is designed at maximizing motion, improving flexibility and finally maximizing muscular coordination, endurance and strength.

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