Lower Back Treatment: Quick, Effective, Non-Invasive Pain Relief

The majority of patients who have low back pain have not experienced any significant serious trauma, accidents or major injuries that caused the onset of their symptoms. The cause of most back pain is the cumulative effect of lifestyle related factors: poor posture, improper lifting, lack of stability, and lack of proper exercise. All of these factors cause stress and imbalances on the spine and eventually lead to some form of pain. This is why people often injure their back by doing an activity that they do on a very frequent basis.

The majority of patients who have low back painin  Denver, Co have not experienced any significant serious traumaThe back and spine were already compromised and just the simple act of bending was enough to set off the problem. When this occurs, the surrounding back muscles go into spasm to protect the stressed or injured tissues of the back.

Common symptoms include pain, stiffness, pain in the arms or legs, difficulty standing or sitting for any period of time, weakness while walking, or your experiencing any numbness or tingling.

At Denver Integrated Spine, we can help. Our chiropractic care works on correcting the function of the spine, reducing pain, and improving mobility.  If you are experiencing any of these common symptoms, we can help. Contact us or call at 303-758-9000 to schedule a free consultation.