Herniated Disc Treatment

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Discs are located between the individual vertebrae of the spine and they provide the proper cushioning and flexibility.  When healthy, discs are pliable and resilient and aid in proper spinal function and support.  However, when a spinal disc undergoes any type of damage, there is a high probability for a herniation to occur.

Discs are composed to two distinct materials; there is a gel like material inside the disc called the nucleus pulposus and the outer walls are called the annulus fibrosus.  When a disc is damaged or ruptured, this gel-like material will either leak or dry up, both of which are very damaging to the disc material.  If left unchecked these types of conditions can manifest and get significantly worse over time if not treated accordingly.

When a disc becomes herniated, ruptured, or bulged numerous symptoms can occur, such as sciatica, arm and leg pain, low back pain, neck pain, muscular imbalances, and nerve compression, all of which may cause repercussions in other areas of the body, manifesting in pain or health problems.

Herniated discs are preventable and treatable condition.  Treatment success rates are significantly higher when the condition is detected early, before the damage has had the opportunity to become permanent.  The most effective treatments to restore discs to their natural form include spinal decompression and manual adjustments.

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With the use of the Cox™ flexion-distraction table, a manually controlled device, we are able to safely and effectively return normal range of motion to stiff joints, reduce pressure on spinal nerves and help eliminate pain.  The Denver Integrated Spine Center utilizes state-of-the-art physical rehabilitation treatment plans that are individually crafted for each patient’s specific condition by the team of medical experts.  Services include physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, and more.   Additionally, a doctor of Osteopathic Medicine is available to patients who experience more advanced conditions which might require the aid of prescription medications for pain management, as well as minimally-invasive pain relieving injections to help rebuild and repair severely damaged disc tissues.

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